The eight Trigrams

The Eight Trigrams at the base of the I Ching system of divination were created by observing the cracks on a tortoise's shell and symbolise the eight main forces of the Universe. Trigrams are essential since I Ching come from their combination. Each trigram has a precise description, handed down over time by wise Chinese masters. Today Ching Oracle can communicate this ancient knowledge so that you can enter in contact with the East in a simple way, in the clearest way possible.

In this section, we will explain to you the meaning of the Eight Trigrams symbols which according to tradition contain the secrets of the cosmos within. The Eight Trigrams are simply figures formed of three horizontal lines placed on top of one another but which can be combined in eight very different ways. Depending on the combination of the lines, the Eight Trigrams have a specific meaning and value. Every combination moreover has a Chinese name which sets it apart. The lines of the Eight Trigrams are divided into two types: Yang Yao (continuous line) and Yin Yao (broken line).

LI - Trigram of Fire

This represents the light which makes everything shine. It signifies dedication and passion. It's the symbol of glory, fame and denotes excellent capacity. It represents the war, the Army and impetuous currents. The organ which corresponds to the eye. "Li" is the middle daughter between Heaven and Earth.

KUN - Trigram of the Earth

This represents the start and abandonment. It is receptive and protective. It symbolizes the vase, the earth ready to be fertilized by the Sky. The organ corresponds to the stomach. "K'un" is the mother of the other trigrams

TUI - Trigram of the Lake.

It is associated with pleasure and the consequence of the desire to reproduce itself. Tui, "lake", is linked to the west and autumn and can signify also decline and separation. The organ corresponds to the mouth. "Tui" is the youngest daughter of Heaven and Earth.

CHIEN - Trigram of Heaven

It is the principle of superiority. It is the Creator. The organ corresponds to the head and symbolizes the Head, he who governs. "Ch'ien" is the father of the other trigrams.

KAN - Trigram of Water

Water bathes and therefore nourishes but can also cause rotting. Its symbols are the well and the ditch. It signifies an activity which has ceased and the danger of stagnation. Its organ is the ear. "K'an" is the son of Heaven and Earth.

KEN - Trigram of the Mountain

This is the symbol of immobility, linked to sitting down and meditation. It means interruption or protection against the danger of invasion against obstacles which prevent our progress. Its organ is the hand. "Ken" is the youngest son of Heaven and Earth.

CHEN - Trigram of Thunder

It's the symbol of growth and movement. Its emblem is lightning. It represents the vital form which awakens and excites. Its energy finds expression both in Love and in work. Its organ is the foot. "Chen" is the eldest son of Heaven and Earth.

SUN - Trigram of the Wind

This is the gentle force which penetrates everywhere, but which can also be caused by desperation. Sometimes it is inconstant and can disperse its own energy. Its organ is the thigh. "Sun" is the daughter of Heaven and Earth.