F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions on I Ching, this ancient system of Chinese divination, we can give you all the answers you need in FAQ I Ching, the section dedicated to curious people like you who aren't satisfied with scratching the surface but want to know every aspect of Chinese wisdom in a clear and synthetic manner.
FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Answers to frequently asked questions about the "Book of Changes" I Ching

What does I Ching represent? What do I need to do to receive it?
I Ching, the ancient Book of Change represents the very old Chinese wisdom handed down from generation to generation and which has arrived to us. Ching Oracle gives you the possibility to receive I Ching every day via e-mail in a very simple manner. By entering the Community and registering in Ching Oracle, you will receive an ancient pearl of wisdom, some daily advice which will help you face anything in a serene way, evaluating precisely the current situation and making a small forecast on the future. Eventually, however, it will be you who will decide to follow this advice or not! Register here at Ching Oracle to receive your Chinese wisdom!
In short, what is I Ching?
  • I Ching is a collection of texts where images, pieces of advice, philosophy and poetry amalgamate in a "timeless" whole.
  • It is a book of Chinese wisdom and the most ancient oracle in the world.
  • It is over 2,500 years of experience accumulated by scholars and by many divinations carried out
  • It is an oral tradition of unimaginable antiquity
  • It is a "consultation" which has offered help and wisdom to people for thousands of years
  • It is a guide of generations
What are the 64 hexagrams?
The 64 hexagrams are made up of 6 lines which are broken or unbroken. Every time the I Ching is consulted, a hexagram is formed; this is obtained by sharing the result obtained with the toss of coins, with yarrow stalks or with any other method explained in the text. When the hexagram is formed, the interpretation is made. The Hexagram shows how energy flows in every situation: it's not a simple paragraph to read but a drawing which needs to be interpreted!
What can one get from the I Ching?
I Ching is an Oracle so it answers the questions which have been asked. The answer connects us to something ancient, fundamental and unchangeable but at the same time closely linked to the current situation. It gives us the chance to have a better vision of the moment we are living in, giving us the means to bring about changes.
Why are the answers of I Ching are so appreciated?
I Ching is appreciated for its extraordinary capacity to help interpersonal relations. The answers are deeply linked to all the various facets present in relations between people: work, friendship and love. Used wisely and by respecting the privacy of every individual, I Ching can help us better understand other people's feelings, maybe by evaluating the situation from another point of view. Finally, I Ching prepares us for facing challenges and solving everyday problems.
Can I Ching tell the future?
I Ching can answer every question (within the limits of our understanding). From the premise that we are free people, neither I Ching - nor anything else in the world - can forecast what we alone can decide to (or not) do!