The East

The East is fascinating : it will grab your attention with its thousand-year old wisdom and will whet your curiosity as this is a land of ancient knowledge and divinatory arts.

With Ching Oracle, you can get to know the East and all its most mysterious and secret characteristics: Feng Shui Talisman, Zen stories and I Ching, sections which we can offer you to live in harmony with the world around you and find long-lasting and serene inner balance.

It is said that one day, in ancient India, Buddha was giving his followers a lesson. That day however, instead of giving a lesson "with words", he simply held out a flower. One of his disciples, Mahakasyapa, smiled.

And Buddha said: "Today I have given you a lesson in silence and only Mahakasyapa understood it". That is how Zen was born. From that moment on, Buddha's messages have been handed down from person to person to the Zen masters of today. Like Zen, Feng Shui also causes an increase in "Chi", positive energy, and I Ching helps you with advice and forecasts for the future.
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Did you know that Zen stories have always provided useful advice to overcome daily difficulties? Reading the Zen stories will help you understand the world better in all its facets. Even when you feel a situation is complicated, Zen stories will guide you and put you on the right path. Read Zen stories!