Chinese Signs: Monkey
Chinese name:
Ruling hours:
Direction of the Sign:
Season and Month:
Western Sign:
Fixed Element:
3 p.m. - 5 p.m.
Summer - August
Out of all the animals of the Lunar Cycle, the Monkey is the one which is most similar to man. So it's no surprise that the Monkey can be as intelligent and crafty as man. The Monkey is the sign of the inventor, the improviser and the motivator in the Chinese Zodiac: a chatterbox who can charm everyone with his or her shrewdness and fascination. He or she is the genius of the cycle, intelligent, flexible and an innovator. Those born in the Year of the Monkey can easily solve complex problems and are quick learners. They can dominate any situation and are often excellent linguistics. They are usually successful at whatever they do and no challenge seems too big. On the negative side, those born in the Year of the Monkey have a superiority complex and don't have enough respect for others (or maybe too much self respect). They can be extremely selfish and vain and suffer terribly from jealously and envy. They are extremely competitive but can hide their feelings and plan cunning moves. They are unbeatable when they have to hunt money, success or power. With their inner vitality, they do well as actors, writers, diplomats, lawyers, teachers etc. They are very sociable and manage to display their best points. They have the rare gift of making themselves liked even after they have duped someone. In the multi-faceted personality of the Monkey, one quality is never lacking and that is self-confidence although he or she seems shy and docile. The Monkey behaves well, is extremely courteous and always calmly dignified.
Famous Personalities
Federico Fellini
Walter Matthau
Leonardo da Vinci
Charles Dickens
Edward Kennedy
Harry Truman
Eleanor Roosevelt
Mick Jagger
Paul Gauguin
Joan Crawford
Bette Davis
Mary Hemingway