Chinese Signs: Rabbit
Chinese name:
Ruling hours:
Direction of the Sign:
Season and Month:
Western Sign:
Fixed Element:
5 a.m. - 7 a.m.
Directly East
Spring - March
Those born in the Year of the Rabbit have one of the luckiest signs. The Rabbit is the emblem of long life and it is said it derives from the Moon. When a Westerner looks at the Moon, he or she jokingly says it's made of cheese or will tell a child the story of the Man in the Moon. A Chinese person sees the Rabbit or Hare of the Moon next to a Rock, under a cassia tree, holding the elixir of immortality between its paws. During the Chinese celebrations half way through autumn (when it is said the Moon is at is most beautiful), Chinese children still carry paper lanterns in the shape of a Rabbit and climb the hills to look at the Rabbit of the Moon. The Rabbit symbolizes grace, good manners, wise advice, kindness and love of aesthetics. Well spoken, gracious and elegant, he or she has all the qualities desirable in a diplomat or a politician. Those born under the sign will have a quiet, peaceful and congenial life. They are reserved, love Art and have great skills of judgment. Meticulous and erudite, they shine in the fields of the Law, politics and the government. Nevertheless, they are prone to mood swings and can sometimes appear to be distant and indifferent to others. The Rabbit is extremely lucky in business and financial transactions. Astute in business deals, he or she knows how to turn a proposal or alternative to his or her advantage. Thanks to this acute sense of business and great negotiation skills, fast career progression is guaranteed. Although the Rabbit seems indifferent to the opinions of others, he or she suffers badly from criticism. The Rabbit's technique - "it's better to change than fight" - is a ruse and the Rabbit can be extremely crafty. So although the Rabbit is tender and gentle towards those he or she loves, superficiality and even ruthlessness is possible towards
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