Chinese Signs: Ox
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1 a.m. - 3 a.m.
Winter - January
The Ox symbolizes prosperity reached thanks to strength of character and diligence. A person born in the Year of the Ox is trustworthy, calm and methodical. He or she is a patient and tireless worker who follows routine and conventions. Although the Ox has an impartial mentality and is a great listener, it's hard to make the Ox change his or her mind due to obstinacy and prejudice. However, thanks to the Ox's constant and reliable character, he or she can get positions of authority and responsibility. He or she never pulls back when duty calls but sometimes this is not a good thing. Modest and impeccable, those born in the Year of the Ox are logical and decisive. Their intelligence and dexterity are hidden under a reticent and inexpansive mask. Although introvert, the Ox's energetic ways make him or her an eloquent speaker when necessary. In moments of uncertainty, the Ox's spirit, refusal to be intimidated and inner self-confidence are evident. He or she walks with head high. Systematic and reliable, the Ox has great respect for tradition. He or she does exactly what is required and this can lead to criticism from others due to his or her lack of imagination. But the Ox knows that by doing things in the right order, he or she can get lasting success. You won't find those born in the year of the Ox hesitating in Life and waiting for Luck to lend a hand. Whereas those born to other signs use their shrewdness and personality, the Ox uses tenacity and dedication. You can count on him or her and when the Ox gives his or her word, it is guaranteed. The Ox doesn't care what others think of him or her. Those born in the year of the Ox give their all and hate leaving anything unfinished or incomplete.
Famous Personalities
Walt Disney
Vincent van Gogh
Peter Seller
Robert Redford
Dustin Hoffman
Adolf Hitler
Charlie Chaplin
Carlo Ponti
Emperor Hirohito
Richard Burton
Margaret Thatcher
Sammy Davis Jr.