Chinese Signs: Pig
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Ruling hours:
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Season and Month:
Western Sign:
Fixed Element:
9 p.m. - 11 p.m.
Autumn -November
This is the sign of honesty, simplicity and great strength of spirit. Courageous, solid and caring, someone born in this Year gives his or her all and you can be sure will achieve all objectives. Although he or she can appear rough and ready, scratch the surface and you'll find pure gold. The Pig is one of the most natural people you can ever hope to meet. A good person, he or she will never treat you badly and, like the Goat and Rabbit, is well-loved as he or she simply wants universal harmony. Naturally, the Pig does sometimes argue with others but he or she never harbors rancor unless there's no other choice. The Pig does not like stirring up trouble in a disagreement and rarely harks back to the past. The Pig is always ready to make the first move and establish good relationships with others and if this is not always successful, it's definitely not his or her fault. Pigs are patient and work constantly at one thing at a time, becoming excellent teachers. However the Pig is also famous for his or her passion. Loyal, caring Pigs have long lasting friendships and love all types of gatherings, organizing parties and taking part in all kinds of groups and associations. Good organizers, they hate arguments and fights and seek harmony. Their credibility and sincerity are their most precious gifts although they can be too friendly and condescending and sometimes expect others to tolerate their weaknesses. The Pig won't charm you like the Dragon, won't bewitch you like the Monkey or Tiger and won't hypnotize you like the Snake. But you'll feel great affection for the Pig and won't be able to live without him or her. The Pig is a synonym of diligence and gallantry and he or she is ready to carry the burdens of others. Those born in the Year of the Pig will not rebel if they have to bear the entire burden.
Famous Personalities
Ronald Reagan
Prince Rainier of Monaco
Maria Callas
Henry Kissinger
Julie Andrews
Woody Allen
Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands
Ernest Hemingway
Humphrey Bogart
Alfred Hitchcock
Al Capone