Chinese Signs: Rat
Chinese name:
Ruling hours:
Direction of the Sign:
Season and Month:
Western Sign:
Fixed Element:
11 p.m. - 1 a.m.
Directly North
Winter - December
Those born in the Year of the Rat are frank and sincere and very disarming. Sociable, diligent and frugal, the Rat is only generous towards those for whom he or she feels great affection. So if you receive an expensive gift from the Rat, this means you are really respected. Despite the Rat's frugal nature, he or she always has many admirers and exudes great charm. The Rat seems reserved but this is not the case. He or she is never as calm as it seems. The Rat gets very agitated but manages to maintain self-control and this leads to great popularity and many friends. Vivacious, cheery and sociable, the Rat is also prone to being super critical or punctilious. But on the whole, the Rat loves parties and people. The Rat loves belonging to exclusive circles and has a close group of friends. Being an extrovert, the Rat enjoys taking part in social events. The Rat really loves his or her friends, co-workers and relatives to the point of getting mixed up in their lives. However we never know what the Rat is really thinking and the Rat's capacity for love is linked to his or her shrewdness and love of money. An employer who belongs to the Sign of the Rat wants his or her team to be active and eat a healthy diet; he or she is simply concerned for their well being and will visit them when sick. However when it's time to give a pay rise, the Rat procrastinates and is a little mean. It's hard to get a Rat to part with his or her money.
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